Our Mission

Patagonia Bird Sanctuary endeavors to create an experience for people to enjoy while conserving and sustaining birdlife, wetlands, natural resources, and biodiversity.

  • In order to create something truly unique for birdwatching while also promoting ecotourism to help our community and environment, we knew we had to be innovative. 
  • Our approach is to do justice to the region and its native flora and fauna in order for the sanctuary to highlight the best of the Patagonian nature. We aim to promote the feeling of exploration and discovery in sighting new species, and of not knowing what each day will bring until it is experienced. Our sanctuary does not have any cages or aviaries and all the birds are free, giving visitors a unique experience each time.
  • The idea is that instead of the birds being in captivity, it is the visitors who will be captivated by the beautiful scenes of the landscapes and birds in their natural habitat. We wanted the feeling of being inside the Patagonia Bird Sanctuary to be that of connectedness with nature, to the land, and especially with the birdlife. A sanctuary was the most natural way to fulfill this purpose. Patagonia Bird Sanctuary is a place where many different bird species call home and roam about freely, but it's also a place where we can help increase the population and diversity of birds. Learn about how we will accomplish this here.
  • We feel that this place is so special that we want to share the experience with others while also conserving and protecting its natural beauty and uniqueness at the same time.