Destination: Villa La Angostura – Patagonia​, argentina

Villa La Angostura must be one of the flew places where being described as magical is an understatement. Its natural beauty is mystical, its landscapes enchanted, and its views taken out of dreams. Situated in the heart of Patagonia's Lake District, Villa La Angostura sits waiting for visitors to be amazed. It is a picturesque alpine village surrounded by national parks, ancient forests, pristine glacial lakes, gentle rivers, and the Andes mountain range. 

Summer warms the lakes and gives way to beautiful days on the soft volcanic sand beaches. Activities like birdwatching, hiking, camping, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming, sailing, fishing, golf, and other outdoor sports are at their best during this time. Fall brings vibrant and changing colors to the landscape. Winter paints everything white with snow, and popular winter sports such as skiing are easily accesible with the boutique ski resort Cerro Bayo less than five minutes away from the village center. Spring sparks new life, with flora and fauna flourishing and gleaming. 

Located in the Argentine province of Neuquén, and only 35 km from Chile and halfway between the cities of Bariloche and San Martín de los Andes, Villa La Angostura welcomes visitors all year round. It is a one hour drive from Bariloche airport, which is only a two hour flight from Buenos Aires.

A place that can offer both luxurious accommodations as well as simpler, rustic lodges that really give the sense of being in the mountains, there is something for everyone to be found. Villa La Angostura also takes pride and is very well known for its cuisine. Gourmet delicacies and the famous Patagonian Asado (barbecue) are sure to delight visitors with special and exquisite flavors.

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